Aid agencies are “systematically failing” older people and the stories from the war zones

Aid agencies are “systematically failing” older people, according to a report published jointly by two international NGOs: HelpAge International and Age International. The humanitarian response around the world lacks a specific approach to senior citizens. They have problems with access to health services, more than half lacks food, and 77% have no income. The vast majority was never asked their opinion about the aid they received and had no idea how to make a complaint. Almost 40% couldn’t reach the aid distribution point on their own. The report, based on 9000 interviews in 11 countries in crisis, characterizes the situation of the older people as an “immense suffering”.

Photographers working in the conflict zones released pictures focusing on children living in the regions torn by war. Stories from six countries were released together with an annual report from Save the Children NGO. Over 400 million children live in conflict zones, and more than 100 000 have been killed or maimed due to conflict in the last decade.

Save the Children also warns about the situation in Iraq. In August of 2019, the government in Baghdad started to close displacement camps in the country. People supposed to return to their homes found many of them in ruin. Now, children are playing among the rubble and encounter unexploded bombs and dead bodies. Families fear for their safety; they lack drinking water and the essential services.