The computer faster than the laws of physics

The creators of the Cerebras CS-1 claim that their 1.2 trillion transistors computer chip can run simulations faster than the laws of physics. During a 3D analysis of over a million variables – from the temperature changes to the air circulation – which it did during the modeling of combustion in a coal-burning power plant, it showed “what is going to happen in the future faster than the laws of physics produce that same result.” Cerebras CS-1 was developed in partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory.

The United States Army Research Office is developing a computer-based system that would allow soldiers to communicate telepathically. The researchers already managed to separate brain signals responsible for motion. They aim at creating a machine-human interface for combat use, but it will take decades more to achieve.

The scientists from the University of Tokyo, Japan are working on artificial intelligence that will be able to act spontaneously, mirroring the behavior of animals. They used a computer neural network to make robots behave within the new pattern of instinctive changes – for example, by altering the way of moving from running to walking. It may lead to the creation of the synthetic brains in artificial bodies.