Indian migrant workers come back home

The Indian government is organizing special trains to send home thousands of migrant workers stranded in cities without food or accommodation. Thousands of people, mostly from rural areas, migrated to urban cities seeking labour opportunities, and after losing their jobs during the pandemic, they are trying to return. 

Since public transport was suspended due to the Covid-19 restrictions, thousands of migrant workers headed home walking long distances, among them, mothers and fathers with young children who tried to reach home. Several accidents have occurred with people walking on the track trying to get home. Recently 16 people were killed by a train in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra, whose capital is Mumbai.

Nearly 42,000 migrant workers were ferried in 35 trains from Maharashtra on May 13. Thousands of people have registered with local police requesting to return. 

On May 12, the Indian Railways partially resumed its passenger train activity after over one and a half months without working due to the lockdown in the country. Initially, passengers will be able to book only online tickets.