Revival of Mount Everest’s tourism

Authorities of Nepal opened the country for tourists in the hope of reviving the economy. The travel sector provides around 8% of Nepal’s GDP and is a vital source of profit for 100 000 Sherpa people who have made almost no income this year so far. Sherpas play a crucial role in the expeditions, especially to Mount Everest – the biggest (and the most profitable) destination for climbers around the world. The government hopes it can still catch up on the lost earnings, but that is far from sure. The economic crisis could impede expeditions from the western countries as the economic crisis may stand in the way of gaining sponsors. At the same time, the lack of tourism these days might result in a flood of them post-pandemic. A dangerous scenario, considering that the overcrowding on Mount Everest’s summit was one the factors in deaths of 11 people last year.