Sex after the heart attack

The new research shows that drinking coffee is tied to better outcomes in colon cancer patients. The scientists studied 1171 patients diagnosed with advanced or metastatic colon or rectal cancer who could not be treated with surgery. The patients who drank a cup of coffee a day had an 11 percent increased rate of overall survival, and a 5 percent increased rate of living progression-free in comparison to those who didn’t. The higher amount of coffee drank, the better the results. People who had four or more cups a day had a 36 percent increased rate of overall survival and a 22 percent increased rate of surviving without the disease intensifying. It was of little significance whether the coffee was regular or decaffeinated.

People who had the same amount or more sex after their first heart attack as they did before had a lower risk of dying than those who had less sex or none at all. It was mostly the result of lower rates of non-cardiovascular diseases, like cancer. Moreover, those who had more sex considered themselves healthy, less often suffered from depression, and were of higher socioeconomic status.

The scientists are exploring whether some of the protists – single- or multi-celled microbes – might prey on viruses living in the seas and oceans. They analyzed almost 1700 individual protists found in samples coming from the Gulf of Maine and the Mediterranean Sea.