LGBT+ people discrimination around the world

Egyptian police and the National Security Agency are using dating apps to encounter and then detain people from the LGBT community. The policemen are creating fake profiles on apps like Grindr to find gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transexual persons. They are arbitrarily arrested, tortured, and abused – all of that done systematically. Egyptian authorities base their actions on the “debauchery” clause from the 1960’s anti-prostitution law. Egyptian courts interpret homosexualism as such, even though being a homosexual is not illegal in Egypt.

Gay men raising surrogate children in Russia may face arrest. The investigators can interpret as criminal the act of providing sperm for in vitro fertilization by men with “non-traditional orientation”. According to state media, the authorities intend to persecute at least ten unmarried men under the charge of human trafficking.

Between 1 April and 14 September, an activist group Hombres Trans Panamá recorded 50 incidents of discrimination of transgender people in relation to the country’s COVID-19 lockdown legislation. In April Panama announced an anti-pandemic policy – it based the days when a person could leave the house on the sex written down in their documents. Those rules failed to recognize and respect the transgender community with some people being too scared to leave their homes even to buy essential items.