Time travel and a peep into the beginning of time

Scientists from the Australian University of Queensland say they proved the mathematical possibility of time travel. The main issue until now and the reason for the conflict between Einstein’s theory of general relativity and classical dynamics may be described through the so-called “grandfather’s paradox”. Simply put: a traveler who goes back to the past and kills his grandfather will never be born. Therefore he will never go back in time… and kill his grandfather.

Now the undergraduate student claims he solved that problem. Together with a supervising scientist from the University, they used the COVID-19 situation for their calculations. What would happen if a person decided to go back in time and stop the patient zero from getting infected? The paradox would be: the pandemic doesn’t occur, so the “future” person had no reason to go back. But their calculations seem to prove otherwise. The pandemic would occur anyway with the events around recalibrating: somebody else becomes the patient zero. The effect is the same. That means that time travel is possible but changing the past is not.

Astronomers found a giant black hole with protogalaxies around it that date as early as “the beginning of time”. It powers the SDSS J1030+0524 quasar (an extremely luminous quasi-stellar object) – its light waves were traveling to Earth for about 12.9 billion years. It means that what we can observe thanks to the quasar’s light dates back to the time when the universe was only 900 million years old.