USA counters Chinese and Russian influences

China will take over the number one superpower position from America if the USA does not focus on preparing for the “soft” threats like climate or diseases, according to the report from the House Intelligence Committee. If that does not happen, the United States will suffer from economic, security, and health consequences for decades. China is “potentially capable of supplanting the United States as the leading power in the world” due to its influences in trade, military power, and technological domination, as stated in the document.

The United States intends to reassert control in Latin America with the “Growth in the Americas” program (Spanish: América Crece), according to experts. President Trump’s administration wants to counter the Chinese influence in the region, especially in the infrastructure development and energy mega-projects areas. Since 2005 China has invested 123 billion USD there, and Chinese banks have loaned another 137 billion USD.

The United States and Morocco signed an agreement of military cooperation and the latter partner’s military readiness over the next ten years. U.S. defense secretary Mark Esper also went to Algiers where he reportedly discussed expanding security cooperation and security issues in the Sahel region. The Pentagon hopes to fight the influence of Russia, from which Algeria buys 85% of its weaponry.