Online dating and a deep voice relation to infidelity

Online dating speeds up the progress of relationships in comparison to the traditional, real-life romances. After just 30 seconds of a video call, online daters can tell whether they are interested in another person. A man will say “I love you” after 22 virtual dates on average, while the woman after 30. During the COVID-19 lockdown, virtual dating grew by 36%. Six out of ten singles admit that they like the new way of dating.

Men with deep voices are more often unfaithful. The depth of a voice is correlated with the testosterone levels, generally the deeper the voice, the higher testosterone levels. It’s the same reason why women find those men more attractive.

Publishing posts that show the authentic life of a person on social media is more beneficial for their mental health than sharing the idealized version of it. The scientists analyzed data of 10 560 Facebook users. They found that their wellbeing was better during the time when they were asked to “post authentically”.

Politicians who are lying have better chances of succeeding in politics. A lab-based election experiment in the U.K.showed that those who were most eager to invest in getting the selection were the ones who didn’t keep their electoral promises.