Human trafficking and kidnapped brides

Twenty-nine million women and girls are victims of modern slavery. They are forced to labor, involuntary marriages, and exploited via domestic servitude and as a result of debt-bondage. That number makes one in every 130 women a modern slave. According to the Minderoo Foundation’s Walk Free, which co-authored the report, the modern slavery is “the systematic removal of a person’s freedom, where one person is exploited by another for personal or financial gain.” Women account for 99% of all victims of forced sexual exploitation, 84% of victims of forced marriages, and 58% of victims of forced labor.

Almost half of the U.K. bank specialists are unable to notice indicators of human trafficking in transactions and banking behavior. Only one in five experts believe he possesses skills that would allow him to identify those signs. Almost 25 million men, women, and children are victims of human trafficking.

Women in India are kidnapped and sold as brides, due to the lack of marriageable women, caused by sex-selective abortion and female foeticide. In the northern state of Haryana, there are only 877 for every 1000 men (according to the 2011 census). Girls as young as 14 are abducted. The data on that issue is limited and inconsistent. Research from 2013 that was made on 10 000 households in 92 villages showed that around 9 000 women were bought and forced into marriages. A survey in 2014 found that in 85 villages in Northern India live 1352 wives who were sold to their husbands.