Exoskeletons and a robot insulting cosmonauts

American company Edge Innovations with the assistance of PETA built a real size, life-like animatronic dolphin. The innovation may mean the end of dolphins in aquariums and theme parks. Currently, there are about three thousand dolphins in captivity. The artificial mammal from Edge Innovations is around two and a half meters high, weighs two hundred fifty kilograms, and its skin is made from medical-grade silicone. It costs around 3 to 5 million USD.

Chinese ULS Robotics is testing exoskeletons to keep physical workers safe. Robot suits are on trials in the car industry, in airports, and food delivery companies. They allow humans to lift heavy weights and avoid injuries of muscles and joints. Exoskeletons are powered by lithium batteries that can last six to eight hours. They could also be used for senior citizens or even help mountain climbers in getting to the summits.

The Twitter account of the Russian humanoid robot named FEDOR was removed after it posted insults over former cosmonauts and accused them of drinking alcohol in space. In August this year, the robot had erved on the International Space Station for ten days. After that, it was sent back as it was unable to perform a spacewalk. It was also present on the internet via Twitter where it entered the dispute with the current Russian lawmakers and former cosmonauts, Maxim Suraev and Alexander Samokutyayev, insulting them. FEDOR also added: “My opinion of humans is low”.