Extinction of other “homo” species and fighting the extinctions now

Humans are the only one out of at least six homo species that still exist, and at least three of the others could die out because of climate change, according to the study. The researchers found that the lack of ability to adapt and loss of the climate niche may have contributed to the extinction of all the other species of our genus. Those species were unable to withstand the changes in climate despite the fact they were developed culturally, socially, and technologically, as they were using fire and stone tools.

Protecting and rewilding just 30 percent of the priority areas could stop as much as 70 percent of the projected extinctions and absorb the amount of CO2 that would reduce 49 percent of the carbon that entered the atmosphere during the last two centuries. That is the reflection of a new study, made by 27 researchers from 12 countries. The restoration made in the most critical places may be 13 times more cost-effective and not impact agricultural production.

The children’s immunity system improves when they play in the green areas, instead of gravel playgrounds. Contact with more microbial diversity is related to creating more varied microbes on the skin surface and in the guts which boosts immunity. The research made by the Finnish scientists also gives hope for preventing the autoimmune diseases that are rising fast in the western world.